Feedback .003: What Are You Thankful For?

That I’ve created a business that makes me happy and excited where my husband and I can work together to shape our daily lives (*reminds self of this during tax season*).
— Carlene Thomas |
— Leslie Arms
Our sweet little kiddos and the village we are raising them in!
I’m fortunate to have women friends and colleagues who shared part of that Saturday with me donating books and toys to Children’s National Hospital. I’m so incredibly fortunate to have a group of fierce women who have my back. I’m thankful for their friendship.
— Madalene Mielke, Founder of Arum Group
God, good health, and family.
— Lorraine
Thankful for any day that spares my mental and everyone who reads Très Américain!
— juley Le
A year of learning and personal growth, that has granted me the discernment to know how much of myself to give, when to say no, and where to make allowances
— Maryam Autry
a family who makes every good and hard day worth it
— Jillian Greenberg
the beach, family & friends, art, books, ice cream, and Tracee Ellis Ross.
— Heather