Editor's Note .002: Much Ado About Nothing


There are few things I'd like to commit my time to such as visit all the bakeries, and subsequently, indulge in carb-less pastries (ha!), explore Canada's beautiful lakes, build a savings account, cultivate strong female friendships, and raise a good human. However, real life hub-bub like small talk, waiting at the post office, family drama, those extra 15 lbs, and the daily news often render me tired, and sometimes, hopeless. 

Reserving energy for what truly matters is tough when it takes so much to manage what the general public dictates or frowns upon. Where do we draw the line between compromising ourselves and living on our own terms? It's a double-edged sword. Go against the grain and get stoned, go broke trying to keep up, or become another fish in the sea.  

As easy as running away would be, it's clearly not the answer. We took a collective sigh of relief after hearing many of you felt the same way about extravagant celebrations like a child's first birthday. Glad to have gotten that off our chest. But, to be honest, I am still struggling with how to break the news to my family that I'm going to take the same route for my baby boy when he turns one next month. For every proverbial win, it seems there's a calling to be brave, push a little harder against the grain, and stand your ground. Easier said than done!

Surely, there are individuals who are not only allergic to the status quo but also have the guts to give the bird when necessary or the creativity to figure out a happy medium. It might be a matter of how we manage social pressure before we figure out a strategy for not giving in, but this is a good start. This month's much ado about nothing challenges us to say no to occasions that aren't valuable or financially feasible, invest time in activities that promote growth, and learn that you don't have to pick sides. Because, here, you can wear stripes and have a burger, too.


Juley Le