Editor's Note .005: Easing into New Beginnings


While ripe with resolutions and intention setting, January is arguably the hardest time to start fresh. After what is essentially an eight week binge (that stretch from Halloween to New Years) it is necessary to detox, but it isn't necessary to go full steam ahead to then crash from the stress of it all. What's the rush? There's still over 350 days in 2018. There's nothing wrong with easing into the New Year. And, that's just what we're going to do.

The few weeks of being unplugged gave our team time to reflect and let inspiration naturally flow in for what we'd like to achieve here. While we were able to tip the iceberg with notable American Gems, thoughtful stories, and share how to celebrate the holidays in a new way, we've yet to get to the heart of our mission, which is to reassure you that you're already living the good life. 

This journey started because of all the million lifestyle websites that exist, there wasn't one that helped cut through the noise. Where many will tell you five steps to this or ten buys for whatever ails you, we wanted a site that simplified life even if it means just sharing thoughtful observations from one side of the pond to another.

In the coming months, we're excited to dive deeper into this mission through conversations with interesting women who approach life with ease, touring spaces that balance rusticity with sophistication, sharing thoughtful products and services that make life easier, and continue introducing American Gems from across the country.

We hope you're approaching the New Year with fresh eyes and an open heart, and that you'll continue joining and initiating conversations here. You'll see — all good things that are worth it are done with ease.


Juley, Founder & Creative Director