Hit Refresh: Tips for Getting Back into the Groove


Hit Refresh

By Jillian greenberg

image by  the coveteur

image by the coveteur

Clean Out The Fridge. If you don't think you're going to eat it this week, throw it out. The half eaten log of goat cheese from your holiday party, the potato chips that don't fit into your new diet, and everything else that isn't edible but still lives in the fridge. And, while you are at it, tackle the pantry too.

Rearrange Your Space. As a child, I loved rearranging my room. It always gave me energy and made my old things feel new again. Spend an afternoon redesigning your space. It will create positive energy where things had become stagnant.

image by  studio mcgee

image by studio mcgee

image by  nickisebastian

As your typical, type A, first born, list-loving girl I normally head into January with grand plans for a fresh start. The universe had different plans for me this year. Hit by a shit storm of personal, family, work, and home issues I didn't have time to shower some days much less make 2018 #thebestyearyet. 

When things finally calmed down, I was in desperate need of a refresh.  To get organized, I gave myself a few tasks to help me feel in control and get my groove back. If you are looking for a way to ease into a fresh start - try just one of the tasks on this list this week, no need to rush into doing all the things! 

image via  refinery29

image via refinery29

Get InspiredSave pictures, cards, art, and quotes that speak to you and dream up travel plans. Put those items on an inspiration board somewhere you'll see every day. Focusing on the positive and putting your wishes into the universe are the first steps to creating the year you want!

Simplify. Less is more, organizing your home is so much easier when you aren't trying to fit in more than is needed. Keep the things you love and need and get rid of the rest.


Organize paperwork. Almost everything you could ever need is online, so there is really no excuse for the piles of paperwork anymore. Walk around the house and pick up every single piece of paper you can find. Create a few folders for the really important stuff and recycle the rest! 

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