Editor's Note .008: Season of Light

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Although parts of the country are still dealing with a serious case of winter blues, signs of spring via longer days and warming weather is a reminder to abandon heaviness to make way for a season of lightness. Last month, we discussed how living with ease meant acknowledging when enough was enough, then letting it all go. What generally follows is liberation that lets light flood in. With that comes new experiences and hope. That's not to say this only applies to what affects our minds and souls. We've had enough of the bulky clothes, enough shoveling snow, enough 5pm sunsets! It's prime time to whip out the white tees and linen, drink iced coffee like it's water, nab a seat at an intimate supper club, put the athleisure clothes to use, and hang out on the porch. It's time to take it easy. As Amy Foster Neill so beautifully encouraged: let us actively participate in our lives. Let's laugh life off because in the grand scheme of things —it's all a laughing matter.