In Mama's Words

We compliment on their hearts before their beauty.
— Tylynn Nguyen, Lotus, Czar, and Hunter's Mom
We both mess up, we own up to it, and there is grace for one another in our house. And really, I think that’s the best thing we can model for our children.
— Sarah Tucker, Tucker & Wes' Mom
1 year ago today at 7:12am,
in utter disbelief of what had just occurred I met you for the first time and kissed your beautiful angel face. And every single day since, I wake up feeling lucky to be your mama. It’s a different kind of all-consuming, selfless love my little man. One I’d never felt before and now can’t imagine life without. Thank you for choosing me.
— Marissa Vosper, Hart Boyd's Mom
Just so happy to have you.
— Nina Celie, Ophelia's Mom
We don’t know all the answers, but we’re learning along the way, and doing our very best to make sure he reaches his full potential. All we ask is for others to show acceptance and kindness. Don’t be quick to judge a child (or anyone) because you don’t know what their story is. BE KIND...ALWAYS.
— Brandy Pham, Teddy & Emerson's Mom
So grateful for my babe and how she (without even knowing it) helped guide my way back to photography.
— Jillian Greenberg, Margot's Mom
Freestyle everything.
— Sheila Nguyen, Harvey & Riley Rose's Mom
Trust your instincts, and try to relax. Be easy and forgiving on yourself. Know that every phase is short and babies are always changing, so enjoy them while they’re tiny, and don’t fret when they misbehave. Hire help or enlist family so you can do you. Take care of yourself!
— Amy Foster Neil, Ivy Brice's Mom
...these are the moments I live for. The simple, mundane, everyday stuff that overflows my cup with love and gratitude. His hand on my cheek, mine on his heart.
— Rachael Desztich, Wynn's Mom