Feedback .004: Your Thoughts On Womankind

I learned that people are innately selfish- and I learned this the hard way. Growing up the way we did, we are generally selfless and think more about community and helping out our friends/family/neighbors. In medicine, everyone is trying to climb their way to the top no matter who they trample over. I assume this is how the real world functions as well. After getting duped several times after putting others before myself, I eventually came to the conclusion that being selfish isn’t necessary “bad.” It’s like putting the oxygen mask on yourself first before you help the ones around you.

I believe that women are naturally empathetic, and want to support & uplift one another. We’ve been led to expect- by the media, movies, targeted ad campaigns, etc - that women and girls are catty & untrustworthy by nature, but I think very few really are. Of course, there are those few who perpetuate the stigma, but on a whole I believe that we truly strive to encourage and raise each other up. This coming from “a victim of mean girls” growing up.
This article is so important.
I do generally trust women! I am realistic and know that not every woman will think/value the same things I do, but I think it’s fairly easy to find common ground with most women I meet. I’ve been both the mean girl in the past (before I knew better) and victim to mean girls in the past. I’d say these days I approach any relationship with women as open minded as I can and feel like it’s pretty easy to find community and encouragement from women if you know where to look.
I do believe that women do look out for each other. I’ve been fortified countless times by the circle of sisterhood. My best mentors have been women of experience in all walks of life that take the time to pass down hard won knowledge to other women. I’ve found myself surprised and shocked by women who are “mean girls”. Not because all women are saints, but because their negativity is so far outside of my experience with other women as an adult. I’m haunted by incidents from my youth when I wasn’t my best self and piled on criticism of other girls. The transformative charity and grace of women brought me out of that cycle. Even now the women in my life challenge me to examine my areas of privilege and celebrate me in my victories and hold me to a standard that requires me to reciprocate it for others.
As you get older, you become wiser and meet those who are meant to stay. So my views have changed. I’ve learned that there are a lot of great ppl and not everyone is out to get you. Plus, I want my daughter to have women role models in her life and be surrounded by strong women so we’re staying positive.
article was really well written and said! I was sharing it with so many people individually I was like I need to just post it. thanks for writing it bc I think it’s a conversation that needs to be shared for our future generations.