Let’s Start A Cookbook Club!

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Cookbook Club

september 2018

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There's nothing quite as satisfying as thumbing through a good cookbook and making recipes that someone else has poured their time and imagination into developing. Despite our vast cookbook collection, however, we never quite seem to have the time to cook every recipe!

We thought —what's more fun than eating with friends? Cooking with friends. And, what's better than cooking with friends? Making new friends through cooking! So, this month we're going to test out our very first virtual cookbook club in efforts to get us all in the kitchen, testing recipes before biting the bullet, and hopefully discovering a new social media friend or two. The good news is no matter where you live, you can participate from the comforts of your own home.

the Basics

1. Every month we'll select a cookbook.  You don't need to buy the cookbook as we'll share screenshots of a few recipes on Instagram stories.  If you already have the cookbook, hop to the recipes or feel free to make any recipe you'd like! 

2. Make the recipe in the comforts of your home during the month.

3. Snap a few pictures of your masterpiece.

4. Invite friends to join or get together in real life for a little supper club.

5. DM or tag us (@tresamericain or #TACookBookClub) in your posts letting us know what you think of the recipe (Was it good? Was the recipe easy? Would you make this again? Did you customize it for your Keto, Paleo, etc diet?). 

We'll round everyone's pictures up to share the fruits of our labor and findings with the group. One randomly selected participant (United States shipping only for now) will be sent a gift package including the cookbook (or the following month's cookbook if you already have it), our new Femme Next Door tee, and other new goodies in the making. 

Maybe, just maybe we'll be able to get together one day for a real life club meeting but for now, we'll do these virtually!

september cookbook pick

We're diving into Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Table Cookbook as we've never flagged so many recipes in a single cookbook, ever. It's no surprise every recipe is styled beautifully but the recipes are straight to the point and don't require fancy equipments or ingredients. Most ingredients can be found at any grocery store and a bulk of the recipes include one or two store-bought ingredients to speed up the process. There are over 125 classic food recipes but we're going to dive into Joanna's breakfast recipes to keep this first challenge simple. We'll be making the Mushroom, Spinach, and Swiss Cheese Quiche (page 23), Quick Orange Walnut Sweet Roles (page 57), and After School Banana Bread (page 69). Again, feel free to make anything you'd like! The more diverse our selection, the more we'll really get to know this cookbook. Hope you'll join us!