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Juley Le

November 13, 2019

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As much as I love and look forward to meat and cheese charcuterie boards at social functions, my stomach often feels uncomfortable days after indulging in them. This year, I’m attempting to limit my meat and dairy intake but certainly don’t want to limit my snacking options. So, I set out to create a grazing board that is just as visually appealing and satisfying. What’s better than bread and butter? (Nothing except maybe no-carb bread but it’s the holidays and carbs don’t count this time of year). It’s due time we give this underrated duo the respect it deserves!

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This board might be the simplest thing to whip together. Even with prepping taking the most time, it takes 30 minutes tops. All it requires is a few loaves of bread and sprucing up sticks of butter to set the canvas. Then, adding vegetables, fruits, nuts and whatever your heart desires. Here’s what we did but feel free to paint your own masterpiece. — Juley

Bread & Butter Board


  • 2-3 Varieties of bread – I used an artisanal loaf, French bread, and ciabatta but would also recommend crowd favorites like herby focaccia from your favorite bakery.

    • To grill the French bread – brush each slice with oil and place on heated grill pan or outdoor grill for 2-3 minutes on each side until grill marks appear.

  • 1 pack of Vermont Creamery salted butter – This is the perfect time to pull out the Kerrygold or European butters you might have stored in the freezer for ‘special occasions’ but butter is butter, so you cannot go wrong with Land O Lakes.

    • Leave butter at room temperature and whip by hand or in stand mixer until fluffy.

    • Place desired about of butter in dishes, then flavor with honey, cayenne, and herbs to create different butters. Other options: Brit + Co ‘30 Homemade Butters’

  • Grazers: radishes (rinsed and left whole for presentation), sliced, mini cucumbers, pecans, sliced pears, pretzels

Tips for assembly

  • Start by laying out the sliced breads first followed by condiment dishes. Then, start filling in voluminous options such as the radishes and other vegetables. Use different types of nuts like almonds or pecans to fill in empty gaps.

  • Have different textures of breads. The grilled bread is a crowd favorite while the ciabatta is great for nibbling on its own.

  • Have several knives available to slice vegetables and to spread butters.

  • Don’t forget flaky sea salt and encourage making different types of toasts!

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Juley Le


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