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Juley Le

November 2, 2017

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We’re living in interesting times. But, it’s November and that leaves little time to mull over grievances as there are merely sixty days left on the calendar to make this year count. If it wasn’t clear before: we’re not a publication that hops on every holiday like, um, National Bathtub Day

Thanksgiving is different. It could very well be the only holiday in our book, because at its core (not its origins), emphasizes the importance of relationships.

There’s football. A sport that embodies the spirit and pride of being American. As suggested in “Any Given Sunday,” football is engrained in our culture. And, even if you’re not a fan, that certain Americana is understood.

Then, there’s the food. From Friendsgivings and office potlucks to elaborate settings around grandma’s table, the only things stressed are our zippers. It seems the cuisine gets more adventurous each year and it’s exciting to see home cooks go beyond the quintessential turkey and pumpkin pie. But, classics like a good cornbread stuffing and the fixings will always have a place on the table.

Finally, there’s family and friends. Even if some relationships are strained, Thanksgiving has a way of easing some of the pain, or at least, helps to brush some of the drama aside for a day. Sharing a table is half the battle.

My favorite part? There are no gifts or requirements to spend money. The only obligations include spending time together, eating good food, and spreading gratitude. No one’s put out. It’s no wonder countries and friends outside of America host their own gatherings. 

For all these reasons and more, we firmly believe Thanksgiving deserves the most attention. So, this month we’ll be sharing several American gems, a very Très Américain Teamsgiving, and lots of food. 

Let’s eat!


Juley Le


  1. Mia says:

    Loved this, and totally agree!

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