Motherhood with Ease

Juley Le

January 23, 2019

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Contrary to what we strive for and declare here taking it easy is, in fact, not easy. Parenting, in particular, is a hoot. I think one key to enjoying motherhood is embracing the extra layer of depth it adds while maintaining individuality and boundaries for the woman behind it all. Glenn Close’s Golden Globes speech emphasized just how important it is to do for ourselves as much as we do for others. Rather than becoming a whole new person when uncovering this new layer, the joy for me lies in figuring out how to cultivate an environment that brings out my goofy, laid back personality (me on my best days) so I can bring her out to play more often. I’ve learned that it boils down to picking battles that only result in joy a la Marie Kondo and letting the rest go.

  1. Respect communal space. We have been persistent from the beginning that communal space is to be respected. This means everyone’s stuff stays in their space so home is relaxing for everyone. I like to think it teaches my son to respect any environment he visits, and it’s great that his teachers echo the same message. Of course, there are weeks we can’t stay on top of mess, and then we all start snapping. When this happens, we jump to the next point.

  2. Recover quickly and move on. When shit (literally or figuratively) hits the fan, get into the habit of dealing with it as directly as possible then moving on quickly. A simple ‘oh well’ followed by a positive action works wonders, even if that action is a nap.

  3. Automate. From groceries to diapers, putting weekly tasks in autopilot where possible reserves energy for the fun stuff like actually cooking. Now, if someone can share how to cook meals without having to clean up that would be appreciated!

  4. Minimize. We did without a nursery, baby bags (I placed this Leatherology insert into an old tote), and were lucky to have second hand clothing from my sister. Do what works best for you but wanted to point out that we did just fine with the bare minimum.

  5. Say hello to your superwoman powers. I’m convinced moms are superheroes, especially since we get to (or have to?) do it all. To be tasked with bearing and raising little humans all without losing our minds? Well, I’d like to think it’s the ultimate journey, one that’s to be enjoyed and to feel most proud of.

What are your philosophies and experiences on parenting? Whether you are trying, are raising littles, or not interested in being a parent, let us know what’s going on in your world. xo — Juley


Juley Le


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