Editor’s Note .07: And the Livin’ is Easy

Juley Le

March 2, 2018

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Some of you may know me from my personal blog where I shared lifestyle tidbits for nearly ten years. While the content I created was an honest effort in reflecting the life I aspired, it was almost impossible to do so authentically given the nature of the business. It wasn’t until I walked away that I realized how external motivations weighed me down. The luster of digital influence and pressure to ‘keep up with the Jones’ wore off quickly. And worse, pulled me away from what I genuinely wanted out of life. Now, during the rare occasion that I do shop, I spend intentionally for myself (and never outside of my financial means); private moments with my growing family are ours to enjoy; and I am able refine my voice without compromise. This liberation has given me a newfound confidence I’ve never had before.  

We’re focused on approaching life with ease here. The kind that a combination of experience, heartache, and humor cultivates, that is then reflected in our surroundings and how we treat others. It’s the kind of ease that after fighting long and hard (sometimes two or three times over and failing), leaves one declaring enough is enough. It’s the light that peeks through when you realize you no longer need that person, that situation, or old habits to weigh your soul down any longer.

Living with ease is letting go and accepting life as it is; accepting yourself for who you are and committing to appreciating what’s right under your nose. There’s no blueprint or seal of approval from anywhere but within.

I’ll be honest, we’ve dropped the balls in January and February, good intentions or not. But, you’ve been spreading the word, sharing our stories, discussing our themes, and letting us know we’re not alone. Know your contributions aren’t in vain. It’s exactly the boost we needed to continue chipping away here.

Get excited because this month will take you into the minds and spaces of women who breathe light into their world and people around them. From a Southern girl whose gumbo has the ability to bring a neighborhood together to an established filmmaker whose life’s work documents human resiliency, and a fresh kitchen that will simply take your breath away, March is nothing short of living inspiration. Stay tuned!





Juley Le


  1. Van Anh says:

    So much excitement reading your post! I look forward to new and fresher contents this month. Happy March!

  2. Jaime Gelpi says:

    So much love and respect for this mantra of easy living. Cannot wait for more!

  3. Nathalie says:

    Great blog you have here

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