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Sara Catellani

April 21, 2018

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The Louie

6 ways to bring it home

The Louie is a restored and serene hideaway located in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans that embodies the city’s easy living. Mixing old and new, the spacious two bedroom apartment is situated in the top two floors of an 1890 shotgun and is available for booking for festival or food-filled New Orleans getaways. The laid back bohemian style that is found at the Louie mirrors its neighborhood with quaint features, palm-lined streets, sidewalk cafes, and countless jazz clubs. Here are a few tips and tricks to bring The Louie home. — Sara CatellaniDesign & Interiors Editor

Blush Pink – Done Right.

Blush pink is still making waves in the design world and is used here for The Louie’s entryway. The shade of pink is subtle enough to blend in with the sage exterior and natural wood decking but has just enough of a pop to add some interest and uniqueness to the entry. When using dusty blush, avoid using too much or making it matchy-matchy. Make sure the shade complements the rest of your space without dominating it.


Mix Stripes.

The bedrooms are cozy, inviting, and feel at once comforting. The use of contrasting stripes adds layered appeal to the bedrooms and can easily be replicated at home to bring visual texture to your space. We recommend going for contrasting colors such as differing shades of blue next to bold pink and red stripes. Choose a neutral linen stripe for a big piece, like a comforter, and then add striped throw pillows in a complementary color to really make your space sing.


Open Shelving Always.

Open shelving is always a good idea. The flexibility they provide, the goods they show off, plus the added perk of typically being more affordable than traditional cabinetry, make them a huge win in our book. They are an excellent space to display cute glassware, flowers, cookbooks, and any other objects that you adore and want to be out in the open. The shelves seen here invite guests to use this kitchen as if it were their own – grab a banana, glass of wine, cookbook and you’re set.



The Dark Side.

Libraries, dens, parlors, and bars are all wonderful opportunities to do something bolder and moodier. Don’t be afraid to embrace a bold hue but make sure your furniture compliments your palette. Here, the blackish hue is accented with dark bookshelves to create a monochromatic look. These dark elements are balanced out by the lighter sofa, rich green armchair, and colorful rug that work to tie the room together and make it feel inviting.


Materials Mix.

There’s something to be said about a space that feels timeless. Looking at this living room area in The Louie, one can’t necessarily tell this is a new design. This is a mark of good design. The space feels built upon and each item in the room has significance. There is enough visual interest and layers of color and texture that makes it feel like this space has been around for years. They achieved this (and you can too) by mixing materials, both in materiality and style, throughout the room. The use of velvet for the sofa invokes a rich and luxe feel of years past. The modern metal console table gives an industrial touch. The mix of velvet and steel, along with the modern glass-topped wood table, reclaimed-looking wicker side table, vintage rug, and found objects creates a well-rounded, timeless space.

Embrace The Old.

One of our favorite features is the original oven highlighted in the kitchen. While the kitchen looks updated and new, this oven is still the main focal point, and a beautiful one at that. The clean white square backsplash, wood slab countertops, freshly painted cabinets, and updated brass hardware all balance each other out. When mixed with the vintage oven, the kitchen is a simple and refined mix of old and new. While not all of us are lucky enough to buy a home with such a beautiful vintage appliance, there are many out there on the market that can help you achieve a similar look (we love all retro Smeg).

All Photos by: The Louie

All Photos by: The Louie


Sara Catellani


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