Editor’s Note .09: Dear Mamas

Juley Le

May 3, 2018

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cover image c/o theglow.com

cover image c/o theglow.com

They say everything happens for a reason, and more often than not, doesn’t it prove to be so? I was thirty years old when my significant other and I discovered we were pregnant. I thought it to be the worst possible time to start a family as we were still trying to figure out how to get by each month with just the two of us. “We’ve no foundation to raise a kid,” I’d complain, stressing myself out to no end to which my significant other would gently reply, “We’ll be fine! Can I get you some fresh fruit?” He always has a way of cutting through tough situations with positivity and humor.

All the feelings of inadequacy disappeared the minute my son was put into my arms.  They were replaced with an overwhelming sense of purpose and newfound joy. It’s only now that I realize how the negativity I harbored created labor complications, but more so hindered my ability to step back to celebrate that very special, developmental time.

It’s funny going through life for thirty years before meeting the best version of myself. I certainly wouldn’t have thought I could be as loving and relaxed with my son and loved ones as I am now. Everything they say about parenthood is true: you’ll understand when you become one. I’d also like to add the best parents and people in general are the ones who remain positive despite what hardships or conflicts arise. 

This month we’re joining you in celebrating the incredible mothers who are raising a generation of kind, innovative, resilient humans. Some are selling products made by and for moms and others are changing the way families invest while a good bit just happen to be moms all the while doing the magnificent things they were doing before.

A toast to all mamas!


Juley Le


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