Bring it Home: Light & Airy

Juley Le

April 9, 2018

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Bring it Home

by: sara catellani

In the spirit of all that is light, the Amagansett project by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design gives us all the Springtime feels. Jessica and her team transformed their client’s home into a light-filled Scandinavian inspired getaway, with cozy elements like built-in sofas, a palette that feels instantly calming, and ample natural light that is appreciated more than ever on these long sunny days. We are particularly fond of the french doors that extend the kitchen and dining room to the outdoors (drooling over that ivy), the easy to replicate painted circle headboard (genius way to create a focal point and make use of the space created by the vaulted ceilings), and the coziest built-in bunkbeds we’ve ever seen. 






The living room is one of our favorite spots in the house as it has a sense of lightness and ease.  It’s a place as equally fitting to spend a Sunday with a good book or a Friday night with close friends, good wine, and great laughs. While a few of these pieces are iconic investment pieces (we could curl up in that classic Wegner Circle Chair any day of the week) with higher price points, we sourced more some more wallet-friendly options for many of the accessories and ancillary pieces. — Sara Catellani, Design & Interiors Editor



tips to bring IT HOME

  1. Keep the palette neutral and natural. We love how white makes a space feel airy and bright but sometimes all white can feel too stark. To keep a balance, mix shades of white throughout the walls, furnishings, and accessories to create visual interest. Maybe add a few pops of subtle, natural colors, like blush or light gray, to add a bit more depth without being abrasive.

  2. Mix your textures. This is especially important when sticking with a neutral palette. We love how the built-in sofa area mixes shiplap, flat panels, linen, and knubby knits to create a calm and inviting space all while staying within a very neutral palette.

  3. Let that light in! Take down your curtains, get out the Windex, and open up those windows. One of our favorite things come Spring is finally airing our spaces out to let in the sunny vibes. As long as your neighbors aren’t too close, let your windows do the work and bring Spring to you.


Wegner Circle Chair | Jute Rug | Leather Ottoman | Fabric Sofa | Gray Planter | Floor Lamp | Wall Sconces | Accent Chair | Jute Basket

All Photos By: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
Story by: Sara Catellani


Juley Le


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