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Juley Le

May 4, 2018

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I’ve spent a lot of time this year trying to declutter my life so that I have more time to spend with my family. What comes along with reducing clutter is also making sure that the stuff I let in is of the highest quality, will last and is worth my time. This Mother’s Month (cause we deserve a whole month), the list of things is filled with products that make my life easier or more full. My main consideration is what happens to these coveted items after I purchase them. Will my daughter be able to wear them 30 years down the line or can I pass it along to an expecting friend like the Solly Wrap or Nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen? Mamas, these products won’t waste your time or money! — Jillian GreenbergExecutive Producer

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1. Solly Baby Wrap – Keep baby close and your hands free. This carrier is essential for the first year when your itty bitty wants to cuddle all day long but you have things to get done (whether that be cleaning bottles or working at the computer). 

2. Olive & June Beauty Teas – You might have noticed postpartum that the extra amazing hair and nails you had all pregnancy are gone. These delicious teas will give you back your enviable hair and nails. Composed of herbs, flowers and tea, we were noticing a difference after just one week of daily tea!

3. Maggie Louise Confections Every Mother Counts Chocolates – Did you know that in some parts of the world, mothers have to walk an average of 8 miles to reach the nearest health facility, even during labor? 100 % of the profits from these almost too pretty to eat chocolates go towards the programs that Every Mother Counts supports, helping ensure that mothers around the world have access to essential maternity care.

4. Porter Lyons Zodiac Constellation Necklace – A beautiful keepsake, diamonds float to form constellations that you’ll want to wear forever. We love the idea of carrying your littles sign around your neck, a subtle way to keep them close.

5. Nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen – A modern day guide for the mama-to-be, this manual takes you month by month through your pregnancy in a gentle, loving and kind manner. Erica stresses a judgement free approach to a time that often comes with so many opinions.  

6. Goop Emotional Detox Bath Salts – Get her the salts, then scoop up the kids so she can take a bath! After a warm soak, I felt beyond relaxed and these salts had my bathroom smelling like a spa for days.

7. Little Fund – Start planning for your littles’ future, let friends and family contribute too! This made-by-mom site provides the easiest way to turn away from consumerism and help prepare for your child’s financial future. Investment options are coming soon.

8. Artifact Uprising Photo Book – Get your photos off your phone and into real life. Artifact Uprising’s high quality books will live in your family forever. A huge fan of everything Artifact Uprising creates, I recommend publishing books yearly highlighting the candid moments you snapped that year. I also love to create books for special trips and events!



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