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Jillian Greenberg

September 6, 2018

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I’ll take it you’ve already read at least 10 articles this month that talk about the reasons the changing seasons or start of school are the perfect time to get a fresh start. We’re with them and you. Fall makes us all feel giddy and open to the busy season ahead. What can I say? The cooler weather brings out my inner schoolgirl excitement for new notebooks and pencils. Oh, and a new pregnancy coupled with our summer off have me looking at life with a fresh pair of lens! — Jillian GreenbergExecutive Producer

“The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.” Kathleen Kelly, You’ve Got Mail

a few selects for your consideration: 

  • My actual fresh lenses: this classic pair from Krewe.

  • After saving up for months and months, this Restoration Hardware Sofa is finally mine. And you better believe I’m going to be cozied up on it all winter long.

  • I swear by this Appointed planner for keeping me super organized and while 2019 is still a few months away, I like to have my next year planner early so I have a place to write fun things ahead (like my due date!)

  • A pretty new find for my kitchen: etuHOME Beech Round Charcuterie Board

  • If you haven’t discovered Hatch yet, let me introduce you, a great line of “maternity” clothes that those growing babies (and those not) all love! The Alba Jumper is a piece I’m positive I’ll be wearing long after my 9 months of waiting.

  • Everything about this Wit & Delight Notebook says, “I’ll love writing in you so much, I’ll finally use up one whole notebook before buying another!”

  • Snowe Home Striped Throw – because one day it will get cold

  • For the coffee (or tea) drinker who can never quite remember to drink the whole cup before it gets cold, these stoneware mugs come with lids (and are an amazing price!)


Jillian Greenberg


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