Works of Heart: Dorothy Shain

Juley Le

October 17, 2019

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Dorothy Shain may be one of the South’s happiest artists, lighting up every room she walk s into with her large, doe-like eyes and infectious, genuine smile. A creative entrepreneur who calls Greenville, South Carolina home, Dorothy’s colorful paintings can be spotted anywhere from Anthropologie stores to actress Mindy Kaling’s home.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you live and how does that influence your work? My mission is to use my calling to make a difference in the world through giving back to charities I am passionate about. I sell my original paintings, license my artwork, and design textiles and wallpapers. My first line will launching in early fall!

Living in the South definitely influences my work. I am very inspired by the stories, the landscapes, and the people of the area.

How would you describe your artistic point of view and its aesthetic? I have a playful approach to my work. I love color and love to create a feeling of play and light heartedness that, I hope, can evoke a memory or a connection to a place.

Where do you draw inspiration from? I draw inspiration from traveling. I love going to new places, meeting new people, trying new foods, having amazing conversations….stepping outside my comfort zone. That is when I get inspired.

Advice for people who don’t have artistic pedigrees but are interested in art? Indulge your creative urge!! Take yourself to an art museum, gallery, or sign yourself up for a class. Art opens another side of your brain and most likely, you will learn something about yourself as you do this!




“For me, the good life is traveling.”
— Dorothy Shain


Juley Le


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