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Juley Le

December 15, 2023

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A New Chapter

As a mother, witnessing the devastating impact of the ongoing conflict in Gaza has left me heartbroken and deeply troubled. The images of mothers holding their deceased children and families destroyed on both sides are etched in my memory. The past three months have been shrouded in despair, forcing me to confront my own sense of purpose and question the very meaning of life.

I have been desperately searching for a strong voice of reason from platforms and feminist websites to help sort through these complicated times, but I’ve found little to none. Rather than taking stock of who’s doing a disservice to this critical moment in history, I decided it was time for me to take things into my own hands.

This led me back to Femme Next Door.

When I think of the modern girl next door now, she’s someone who has fundamentally changed and awakened since October 7th. She is culturally conscious with a perspective shaped by diverse lived experiences. She’s brave and believes in a just world; her ideals are shaped by immigrant parents and world travels; her purpose is rooted in community. She consists of multitudes, someone who cares about current events as much as building a home and closet that reflects her personal style.

We are relaunching Femme Next Door with this purpose in mind.

While our new focus is decidedly on elevating and strengthening women of color, we remain inherently inclusive. It’s ingrained in our DNA to remain open to other experiences as much as we consider our own.

We are re-setting the table, and I am excited to say that it is one that modern women can trust to adequately meet and lead from during historical moments like these and the ones to come.

Speaking about this shift with a friend who is a talented writer and who identifies as a feminist and as a white woman, I was asked, “Are you comfortable with me contributing? Does it fit into this new Femme Next Door?” Like many, she has been paralyzed by the news. What struck me was her concern for my feelings and her curiosity about how feminists might begin to sort through their positions.  

This new direction welcomes women like her — the ones who ‘heart’ my Instagram stories to show their encouragement but haven’t yet leaned into their brave space to speak up. It’s precisely the kind of effort we want to encourage and remain wholeheartedly open to, a small window of opportunity to lessen the divide.

The first step in this new direction involves welcoming a diverse and esteemed team of writers, journalists, content creators, and dynamic voices. Joining us as our new Editor-in-Chief is Summer Suleiman, whose profound journalistic expertise and knack for rich thoughtful storytelling will guide us into this next chapter. I’ll be taking the lead as Creative Director, overseeing the visual identity, marketing strategy, and production.

Here we hope you’ll feel more in tune with your purpose, less alone, and fearless while filling your cup with content that uncovers a meaningful life with ease.

Juley Le


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