Chasing Spring with Optimism & Hope

Vy Yang

March 5, 2024

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Chasing Spring with Optimism + Hope

If you asked me five years ago what my favorite season was, I would have answered Fall. Coming from Southern California where it is eternally Summer year round, I embrace the blustery change of weather and dig out my coat the second it drops below 70 degrees.

My answer changed when I took up gardening during the pandemic. Spring is now what I look forward to all year, and I will chat your ear off about my favorite gardening tools (it includes a Haws watering can and rattan secateurs by Niwaki). It’s also a privilege I never acknowledged: to be able to witness new growth from the ground, the shifting of seasons, an optimistic promise of life, and fresh starts. It’s a hope that quietly glows despite so much darkness and devastation happening on the other side of the world.

If you’re holding onto the same hope, my wish is that you’ll keep holding on as we walk into this new season together. Last month’s story reminds me that it’s a sign of resilience and resistance to find spots of joy. Whether it’s finding an Easter outfit for your littles, planning a future party with your closest loved ones, or breathing new life into your existing space (a sneak peek of some of the stories we’ll be sharing this month!), our happiness renews our strength to fight despair, and that is always worth seeking.

Cheersing to Spring,

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A creator at heart, Vy Tran Yang has been writing about modern design, wellness, and lifestyle for over eight years. Her life revolves around her three kids, her garden, and finding ways to live well and intentionally through design.

Vy Yang


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