Holiday Gifts For Yourself

Juley Le

November 19, 2018

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This time of year is wonderfully dedicated to giving to others. After all that’s said and done, however, we know all too well how depleting this time of year can also be. On our wallets and on ourselves. Self-care takes hard work, but we can only give so much to others as much as we feed ourselves. Before you find yourself gifting out of your means or unable to really enjoy what this time of year is about, take some time to root yourself in what’s important to you year round. The holiday season should enhance our values, not challenge them. Here are a few gifts for your inner femme that will keep her mind sharp and spirit in shape.

  1. Financial Peace University – A personal finance course designed by Dave Ramsey that provides the quintessential tools and lessons for millennials to understand personal finances, get out of debt, and embark on a new financial journey.

  2. New York Times Sunday Edition – Taking in the news on a daily basis has become depressing. Subscribing to The Sunday Times, however, is a great way to unplug once a week and stay abreast of current events by credible journalists in addition to thoughtful articles that cover style, food, business, and sports.

  3. Learn new skills with Skillshare – The best way to maintain perspective is to understand how much there’s still left to learn! If you’ve been itching to sharpen certain skills or learn new ones, consider enrolling into Skillshare for online courses on pretty much any topic by subject matter experts. (To receive 2 months free, click our affliated link here to sign up and use the coupon code igamb2181.)

  4. LittleFund – This savvy platform makes it easy to contribute to important milestones for children including savings and education. Parents can spend funds on what’s truly essential for their kids and savings earn interest. It’s our preferred way to gift and receive gifts year round.

  5. The Sun & Her Flowers – A beautiful book of poems by Rupi Kaur that can be picked up for inspiration on any given day or to prepare your mental for any unavoidable or unwelcome awkwardness this season.


Juley Le


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