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Juley Le

October 6, 2017

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Written by Jillian Greenberg | photos scanned ‘Say Bonjour to the Lady’  |  feature photo c/o Babyccino

When we came across the book “Say Bonjour to the Lady” we finally felt understood. Written by two Parisian moms, Florence Mars & Pauline Lévêque, this fun picture book shares observations from their lives in New York city versus their hometown. From communication and education to social etiquette and discipline, it’s quite entertaining deciding which side resonates. More often than not, we found ourselves falling somewhere in the middle!

We love the big message that there is no right way. Instead, this book empowers readers to take inspiration from both worlds, then apply what makes sense for their little ones. It also challenges readers to consider new approaches, which of course, can be applied to other lifestyle choices outside of parenting. 

As a throwback to the teenage magazines of the ’90s, here’s a quiz to help find out which side of the spectrum you fall on. Do tell! Where do you land? 


this or that?

You say bonjour with
a. la bise (kiss)
b. a hug

Dinner at home looks like
a. everyone enjoying a long dinner with conversations and no phones
b. eating in shifts, between homework, after soccer practice and between violin lessons and math tutoring

How many colors are you wearing today?
a. 3 or less
b. way more than 3

You consider yourself
a. a fly on the wall  
b. life of the party

It’s your 3 year old’s birthday, you
a. bake his/her favorite cake and enjoy a family dinner
b. throw a blow out birthday party, he/she only turns 3 once

You have some free time this afternoon, so you’re
a. sitting at a local cafe and people watching
b. squeezing in a quick run or soul cycle class

Walking down the street you 
a. are straight faced
b. smile at everyone who passes

In public, children
a. greet all adults and strangers
b. can choose to be on their iPads or jumping off the walls

Riding your bike around town you
a. don’t wear a helmet, you’d look ridiculous
b. helmet, always. safety first.

Which do you prefer with your morning latte?
a. pain au chocolat
b. a pretzel or biscuit



Mostly A’s – Bringing Up Bèbè

Equal As and Bs – Très Américain!

Mostly B’s – Raising Good Americans


Juley Le


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