Style Essentials .002: Intimates

Juley Le

October 4, 2017

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Written by: Juley Le
Photography by: Greer Gatusso

Most mornings start out a blur. A sluggish tap (or two) of the snooze button, eyelids still heavy from a deep sleep, but just awake enough to scroll Instagram for a few minutes before wobbling into the bathroom. With ten minutes to spare, layers are haphazardly tossed on before rushing out the door. The day pushes through just as morning started and ends on the same note. Ideally, there’d be more time to enjoy coffee and thumb through the latest issue of Porter Magazine while savoring that last bite of an extra thick, crispy piece of bacon for breakfast. 

Everyday begins with little decisions that quietly dictate how the rest of the day rolls out. Toss a pair of granny panties on, and it’s clear you’re not feeling very Beyoncé. Toss on a piece of Negative Underwear, on the other hand, and you’ll have produced four Lemonade albums by lunch time. They don’t even have to match. 

Negative Underwear was founded by two New York City career women who simply needed functional underwear. The pickings were slim: bras inundated with wires or obscene padding and lace panties that completely fell apart after the second wash. 

Founders Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper’s answer? Simple, uncomplicated, quality underwear that happens to make you feel sexy. I was sold since the first time I tried on the Sieve thong with the Sieve Balconette mesh bra over three years ago. About a hundred washes (and counting) later, nothing’s changed in the best way possible. Each thread remains intact, the mesh fabric still feels brand new, and worn together or separately, I feel sexy.

The search for quality intimates ends with Negative Underwear. A cheeky brand (pun intended) with a straightforward mission that shows no signs of slowing down as the same uncomplicated approach now extends to bodysuits and sleepwear. We can only imagine how easy life would be if Negative Underwear evolved into a full-blown fashion line. While we keep hope alive, it’s clear through conversations with Lauren & Marissa over the years, growth will be done with careful, fun consideration, true to how the brand started.


Now, don’t just take our word for it. We want you to see why this line is worth the investment. Hop to our Instagram account for a chance to win the ‘Back to Black‘ kit, a handy trio of best-sellers worth $100. Enter here for the fun and earn additional entries for inviting friends to join our growing community!



Juley Le


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