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Juley Le

July 10, 2017

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Many dream of the quintessential French life. Picnicking by the Eiffel tower, nibbling flaky croissants, perusing markets and vintage stores, and sipping coffee at a sidewalk cafe all come to mind. There are a myriad of reasons, and not to mention about a billion marketing dollars dedicated to selling the mystique, but it’s clear that the French intuitively understand that simple is best. 

Few things in life are one-dimensional. What does being French actually mean? Even more, what does it mean to be American? The Kennedys, diners, 90s grunge, Route 66, our melting pot of cultures, Levi’s jeans, road trips, barbecues, New York City, Hollywood glamour, football, hip-hop, country music — America is beaming with its own unique, enviable lifestyle. 

Over the years, I’d meet women who embodied the best of both worlds. Whether it be their style, confidence to enjoy dinner in public alone, approach to parenting, ability to balance demanding careers, or knack for gracefully calling bullshit, they were the quiet few who danced confidently to the beat of their own drums. They had the power to be vulnerable, humorous, and raw about the realities of life even if it got lonely. Little did they know they personify that certain je ne sais quoi.

After years of observations, a disconnect with content that existed, and venting about American stresses with French aspirations, something started to brew. Call it The American Dream, but I don’t think we’re the only ones.


We’re excited to introduce a lifestyle that explores the beauty of both worlds. It’s about living the good life, with a little French finesse, all while appreciating what’s in our own backyards. Because if you think about it – you can do any of the quintessential French things from anywhere. Our biggest hope is that some of our thoughts, frustrations, observations make you feel less alone.

Each month has a guiding theme to anchor our thoughts and work. Depending on how deep we dive in, some months may have more content than others. We won’t churn out posts for the sake of it, but we intend to post Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. To best navigate, click the ‘next’ button on the bottom right of each page and scroll on from there. We’d appreciate your thoughts in the comments section or a quick ‘like’ so we know what resonates with you and where to grow.

Our debut month begins with defining what it means to be Très Américain, which is equally ambitious as it is ambiguous. But, the imagination is powerful and has a way of blurring lines or drawing new ones. Defining Moments perfectly lays the ground work. Digging deeper, you’ll see that first birthdays don’t need to be fussy and that there are some American Gems that just get it. And, for those who are ready to mentally escape, try this foolproof recipe for artisanal bread. We hope you enjoy!

Thank you for joining us.

 Juley Le, Founder


Juley Le


  1. Thu says:

    Beautiful. Can’t wait for what’s to come!

  2. Ellie Dufrene says:

    I had been clicking on my upperlune&co. bookmark every few weeks hoping that it would come back so having this in its place is sooooo exciting. congrats and i’m so excited to keep up with all of your content!

    • Très Américain says:

      Thank you so much Ellie! And, sincere apologies for the sudden exit. I’m terrible at good-byes but I’m so glad you’re following along here. Appreciate it so much and hope you are enjoying!


  3. Van Anh says:

    Ah, so happy to have found you, again! I am not on social media, so I was totally in the dark about the change. Happy New Year and wishing you all the best with this new journey!

    • Juley says:

      Hiiii Van Anh! So sorry I’m just seeing this. Are you signed up on @bloglovin? You can get updates there! Or, we’ll be launching our quarterly newsletter in the spring. xx

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