The Cook’s Atelier

Juley Le

July 11, 2017

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Travel offers the unique opportunity to experience different cultures. More often than not, food is the common thread that connects a visitor to community. It is the simplest form of art spoken universally without a word. Imagine, then, a place that not only shares their cuisine but holds your hand and walks you through the process of making the meal. The Cook’s Atelier does just that through market trips, a stunning rental apartment, and cooking classes in the heart of Beaune, France.


For all the obvious reasons, a trip to The Cook’s Atelier is firmly planted atop our admittedly long bucket list. Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Smith Franchini, are the mother-daughter duo and American expats behind The Cook’s Atelier. In true American fashion, they not only intuitively understand the business of sharing the French lifestyle but made it accessible. In a few email exchanges, newlyweds or a woman on the cusp of change or in need of inspiration can book a stay at their stunning pied-à-terre, a renovated two bedroom flat, to begin what’s sure to be a week of indulging in the best that the simple life has to offer. A stay that’s sure to leave a lasting impact and fond memories.

What we appreciate most is how the pair stayed true to the way of life in Beaune. Their love for food, wine and culture is apparent, but it’s how they keep family at the forefront that leaves a serious mark. Kendall’s children come home for lunch every day and her husband works daily in the shop. 

From seasonal cooking and local shopping to creating meals together or enjoying long lunches, and even longer dinners, there are plenty of life lessons we can learn. We want to borrow from them a slower pace of life and learn to savor our meals instead of rushing through them. With a book coming out in April 2018 to look forward to and an Instagram to live vicariously through, we’ll keep our eyes peeled until the day we can indulge in The Cook’s Atelier experience for ourselves.



What: The Cook’s Atelier
Why: A hands-on French experience
Location: Beaune, France
Covet: The Cook’s Atelier cookbook, hard wood boards, vintage towels, a stay in the pied-à-terre

all photos courtesy of the cook’s atelier


Juley Le