Articles of Note .001: Financial Impotence

Juley Le

October 12, 2017

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Every once in a while an article touches the depths of every individual who comes across it.  Some inspire, some report news, others speak truth to the heartaches of a certain era. The Atlantic’s The Secret Shame of Middle Class Americans hit the nail on the head for our time.

Would you believe a college graduate who studied finance, did Teach for America, excelled in various industries for the past ten years, and is the founder of this website struggles every week to make ends meet? That she and her significant other celebrated a Medicaid acceptance letter because without it, they wouldn’t have been able to afford an emergency c-section for their son as well as his healthcare? It’s true. There are too many stories like this and that of the established writer who penned the article, but no one feels safe to talk about it. Most feel isolated in their suffering.

Now, when friends including a small business owner, a handful of corporate professionals, graduate students, a seasoned fashion designer and even a veteran open up about their issues, we send them the link to this very article. The dialogue that follows is one of honesty, relief, and positivity. Not because misery loves company but because financial impotence (rooted in crushing student loan and mortgage debt, rising living costs, healthcare, social media pressure) is an issue we are all battling together. And, the first step to recovery is admittance.


Juley Le


  1. Sapa Pham says:

    Love your honesty, vulnerability, and humbleness. Your struggles today will help build a stronger tomorrow for your little one. Keep fighting the good fight

    • Très Américain says:

      Thank you, Sapa! Your support has always been encouraging. We’ll keep fighting the good fight together! <3

  2. Vi Hoang says:

    Thank you for sharing this and for your honesty. I’m so glad you brought this up because it is also a weekly struggle for me! The life of an artist/business owner in a saturated industry/New Yorker because living anywhere else as a fashion designer is actually more costly. Looking forward to reading more of your eloquent and honest writing. Xx

    • Très Américain says:

      Hi Vi!

      Thank you for reading and responding. I can’t imagine the struggle in NYC where rent is 4x higher than most cities but I completely feel your pain as a business owner. Most think it’s glamorous, but it takes years to get any company to a comfortable, profitable place. There are always sacrifices that affect family, health, security. Many times I wonder if it’s worth it?! Your approach with Dolly Pearl and not conforming to the seasonal trends like other designers is admirable. Have been meaning to email you, so I’m glad you commented!


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