Editor’s Note .06: For the Love of Her.

Juley Le

February 4, 2018

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‘Her’ tee by BelovedLane

There’s nothing more powerful than a woman with a strong sense of self who is backed by a group of women that support her. There are few who intuitively understand their identity and inner purpose, and even fewer who have the ability to harness their influence to shape the lives of those around them. If you have one of these women in your life, you know who they are. If you strive to keep her in your life, then you are the company you keep. 

Women. We’re a complex group with enough intuition, emotions, and drive to make effective change simply by coming together. If the Women’s March has taught us anything, it’s that our womanhood should be celebrated. 

This month is dedicated to the women who raised us, the girlfriends who remain loyal, the moms who balance it all, the sisters who support, the influencers who inspire our lifestyles, and the brave ones who champion equal rights for all. 

A call to action because these women deserve to be acknowledged: who in your life has made an impact on you and why? Let us know below or send your story to tresamericain@gmail.com and we’ll share your stories in an upcoming tribute feature.


Juley, Founder & Creative Director




Juley Le


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