10 Selects for Simple Self-Care

Juley Le

February 5, 2018

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By: Jillian GreenbergFeatured Image via Pinterest

By: Jillian Greenberg
Featured Image via Pinterest

If this year has started for you anything like it’s started for me, health has already been in the front of your mind. Head colds, migraines and stomach bugs have plagued my family this January making me so grateful for the days we are all healthy. It is so easy to take our health for granted. 

Selfcare was 2017s favorite buzz word but there is something to be said for focusing on your personal health and taking matters into your own hands. This year, we are all incorporating products to ease health!

Lemon Oil –  A few drops of this uplifting, clean lemon oil when drying freshens up laundry and creates a calming aura. 

Diffuser – Diffusing oils can do more than just make your house smell amazing. Certain oils are known to enhance your overall well being and this chic white stone diffuser will seamlessly fit into your decor.

Soma Water Bottle – Drinking water is simply easier when out of a pretty (BPA free) glass bottle.

Hurom Juicer – This easy to assemble and stylish juicer is our team’s go-to for fresh juice on the go. The hand dispenser makes for easy pouring and clean up is a breeze.

H&M Linen Bedding (pictured in the shopping gallery)- The dreamy kind of sheets that will make sleep even better, spritz lavender oil on your pillow for an even better rest.

Detox Bath Salts – Pour in two large handfuls of this sea salt for a detoxifying, relaxing soak!

Ginger & Tumeric Tea – Sip a cup a day of this aromatic tea to boost your immune system, absorb more nutrients and a lot of other goodness. Ginger and Tumeric’s health benefits list is long! 

Lavender Anti Bacterial Spray – 99.9% effective in killing germs and smells amazing. Keep one in your bag all flu season long! 

Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust – Add a teaspoon of this to your morning tea for a little extra glow. Herbalist say it helps purify the bloodstream and clean the kidneys – it won’t happen overnight but it will leave your skin looking better after a month or two.

Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm – Combat dry winter skin with this hand cream that is even better than the perfect packaging it comes in.


Juley Le


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