A Sophisticated Gem in the Heart of New Orleans

Juley Le

March 18, 2018

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Traveling to cities with an established reputation like New Orleans can leave many with similar experiences. Gumbo and live music at any given time of day are to be expected, even if a second line in the middle of a weekday catches one by surprise. Only in New Orleans, they’d say. That tried and true methodology is an opportunity for many, especially the hospitality industry, to pour effort into differentiation. To stand apart by ensuring that one guest’s trip was made vastly different by paying sincere attention to detail.



Le Méridien New Orleans
333 Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA 70130



Photographs by: Jillian Greenberg
Article by: Juley Le


Le Méridien

A Sophisticated gem in the Heart of New Orleans

Le Méridien, a hotel brand that needs little introduction, is situated in the heart of downtown New Orleans. Not too close to the French Quarter debauchery but not too far to evoke FOMO. Its location is key with proximity to the city center, which allows locals an escape from the work week by way of staycations. Visitors, on the other hand, can hop to the French Quarter or peel back layers of the city through fresh lens. It’s just as close to the Warehouse District, a bustling neighborhood where new wave restaurants, nightlife, and art galleries co-exist in a European metropolitan style.


While clearly modern, Le Méridien weaves French influences into its designs and services, from the herringbone floors and a built-in cafe that are often found in boutique hotels in the heart of Paris. Even more, this hotel sharply focuses on opening cultural experiences to guests. Partnerships with local art museums and offering stylish bikes make it awfully easy to wander aimlessly, yet intentionally. As all great guides do, they lay the groundwork but leave it up to guests to obverse its light suggestions and take advantage of the routes offered. Regardless which way they go, guests can be sure they’ll return to a hotel just as dynamic as the city.



Juley Le


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