Editor’s Note .10: From off the Grid

Juley Le

August 19, 2018

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Photography: Jillian Greenberg

Photography: Jillian Greenberg

We had big plans to create stories about living off the grid for the summer. Somewhere between planning and working on deliverables we actually fell off the digital grid. And, to our surprise, might have had the best summer in ages!

I personally didn’t travel much or even made plans. The itch creeped in every once in a while when beach photos and vacations popped up but I just kept scrolling. My little family and I spent oodles of time with old friends cooking and visiting, paid off a chunk of debt and built a savings, developed a healthy sleep routine, and savored quiet mornings. I think we were living our best joy of missing out lives. Our executive producer Jillian, on the other hand, traveled plenty but had no interest in documenting her trips in real time. Instead, she published photos upon her return and we caught up *gasp* in real life.  It was a treat hearing the details directly from her and close friends alike. If taking it easy is our goal, then consider our summer mission complete. 

This admittedly isn’t good for “business”. It seems we’re always dancing a fine line of encouraging an easy approach to living but our vehicle of reaching you is the world wide web and social media. It’s a constant struggle. How can we encourage you to take life easy if we don’t set the example? This isn’t a rhetorical question! We’d really like your help. Because, well, life isn’t easy and we should figure it out together.

We’re certainly going to try and plan better despite our hectic offline schedules, but the great thing is this little passion project will remain genuine. We’ll need breaks here and there, but firmly believe those real life breaks enable us to create the best content for our community.

With fresh, bright eyes after returning from living off the grid, we’re bringing in more interior tours, more Femme Next Doors, more easy cooking, and more voices. I hope you’ll continue to join us!





Juley Le


  1. Vananh says:

    You always, ALWAYS look so beautifully chic, Juley! Glad to have you back and looking forward to reading more great contents!

    • Juley says:

      Thank you Vananh! So glad to be back and grateful to get to continue putting in work here. I really hope you enjoy our new stories! 😀 x Juley

  2. Thu Nguyen says:

    Honestly, didn’t even notice because… I was also busy offline! It honestly feels so much better to know y’all are in the same boat – I’ve put my magazine my friends and I produce on hold because we’re all moving to new cities and starting new jobs/finding new friends.

    Definitely still think of yall often when traveling or styling, though. Having offseason totally makes sense! And being flexible to real life needs is important. I’m starting to also move off-grid this fall/winter to save money for potential school again! <3 Love any updates from you and team 🙂

    • Juley says:

      Ha, Thu! I love how we’re always dancing on the same page. Thank you for being equally understanding and excited for us over here. You keep us motivated to keep going! Best wished this fall!! xo

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